Re: Perseids at A51 anyone?

Message posted by Joe on July 21, 2007 at 21:36:09 PST:


Thanks for the memories. I was just a kid (11 years old in 1969). Not sure whitch of the 6 landings it was (17 I think), but I do have a clear memory of being in the backyard of our house, looking up at the moon and knowing a couple of guys were up there walking around, living in a little house, (and driving a car). I thought by now (I'll be 50 next year), I'd be able to buy a ticket to do the same thing. Somehow I feel betrayed by all those guys back then (not so much the guys at NASA but the ones in Congress and the government in general.

Best thing we've got going now are the 5 robots on or orbiting Mars. Good stuff, but not quite what was in my dreams as that kid looking up at the moon . . .


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