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Message posted by BobR on July 21, 2007 at 16:54:12 PST:

Someone with the suggestion to make a mass attack on a top secret government base needs to:
1. Get psychiatric help
2. Go back on their medications they must have stopped taking.
3. Find a different website to post their idiotic ideas on.

I for one hope that the security is great and can detect the fake ex-Russian sniper who uses poor English to pretend he is from a foreign country to an idiot who wants to walk up in mass.
I hope the government has a lot of top secret projects that they can use in the future. We have a lot of enemies. People do not know that over 2O yrs ago a religion declared war on us because we are not of their religion. I hope we can use these top secret projects to monitor and or destroy the Iranian nuclear program before they use their bombs agains us as they surely will. I hope that their are all kinds of great technology being created to overcome our free societies intelligence leaks and liberals who reveal that we are listening to osama's phone calls which cause him to stop using a sat phone. I hope a lot of things but mainly that our government can protect us from our enemies.
But for right now I'll settle for less stupid ideas by the lunatic fringe on this intelligent forum.

(Sorry Joerg but I had to rant. I'm done now, subject to rebuttal of course)

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