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Message posted by Joe II on July 20, 2007 at 17:07:33 PST:

There have been two more "earthquakes" since the last post including an M= 2.9. All of these have a HYPOcenter, on the surface. Of course the Epicenter is the same. These results are from The University Reno Nevada. As you know the USGS and other agencies have seismic detectors all over Nevada and California, and I know of NO reason why each of these is detected AT THE SURFACE. Obviously unless there is a problem with instrumentation, we are seeing some other event that is being measured. The actual ground location is NOT on test site property, but is on other govt land. Also I checked the barometric devices at the city of ALAMO, NV and I don't see anything that looks like sonic booms. I think it is either an instrument problem or explosions of some type. an M=3.0 is BIG for a surface explosion. The sub critical nulear tests are underground and they would be indicated at least 0.3 Km below the surface of the earth. Any ideas, did anyone in Rachel or Alamo feel these?

Attached link: online barometric measurements in Alamo, NV

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