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Now lets tale a look at this scenario. Fist of all does any of the dreamland team here have a plausible night-shot of the base in action ? or better yet a specific "Black Project" aircraft taxing down the well lit runway? surely with your hi tech telescope technology you could get a least one picture. You know why? because the aerospace stage 2 and 3 testing facility has been moved. The increase in traffic at area 51 is due increase of research and development of solar thermal thrusters, Electric Arcjet thrusters, Electric Dual Beam Ion thrusters, ect. The companies who are the nuts and bolts of the projects are mostly contracted by Lockheed. The chemical engineering divisions of the companies are in "toxic dump heaven" at area 51. Where they are free to dump just about any toxic chemical in the air they wish. The new massive hanger has been built to accommodate the massive, and I mean massive propulsion system prototypes. You will never see any type of air craft enter or leave that hanger but, the size of the thruster concepts would blow your mind, to the moon quickly and lasering anything in its path. Although some but little initial testing remains (Stage 1) at area 51 (hence that long runway just to make it a bit easier in the first few trys). Serious testing is done throughout bases in Utah and recently Alaska where in Fairbanks a recent craft was sited claiming it was a "flying triangle" TR-3A or the new TR-3B prototypes....sorry but truth. P.S. the so called area 51 security team is well area of the photos on this site but have taken no action since there is nothing to see from a telescope. Who is this guy you might ask? I live pretty close to area 51, along with a few folks who work there.

no action.


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