Area 51 Airspace Violation and Flyover?

Message posted by Fastmover on July 12, 2007 at 17:01:40 PST:

I recently began my training at a flight school located in Carson City, NV, and an interesting story concerning one student came to my attention. Apparently this guy, who was only a student pilot at the time, got confused while doing a cross-country flight to Tonopah where tis school often sends students and violated the Nellis Range airspace. According to the office manager and Assistant Chief Instructor whose word I do take with a grain of salt, this student ended up overflying the NTS (Area 51) and landing at Indian Springs AB thinking it was the right airport.

Upon landing, he was greeted by several men with M-16s and held for 8 hours. The Asst. Chief and someone else had to fly down to pick him and the plane up to fly back to Carson. Interestingly enough, the guy didn't end up in any more trouble and is still a student at this flight school currently in his time building phase of his training to me a commercial pilot.

I'm just wondering, has anyone here or around the area heard anything abut this? I'm not sure if I believe these people because they honestly aren't the most level-headed or sincere and the consequences seem way too relaxed for what happened, especially the fact that this student was still allowed to get his pilot's license in the end.


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