Area 19 aerial image from 1983

Message posted by Tom on July 08, 2007 at 20:05:40 PST:

Given the recent Area 19 discussion and new Google Earth pics, I thought I'd dust off something from my archives and offer it up to the community.

Back in those fun days when I was A-12 hunting by way of USGS aerial photos, I also snagged an image the USGS happened to have available of Area 19. I don't know why they had it, but they did and I grabbed it before they could change their minds.

It was taken on 9/10/1983, and was the most recent available of the area. I ordered a contact print of the negative, which I've scanned and parked for a while on my web site. You can only get to it via the direct link below, because, people are just so special! Be advised the image is about 1.2 megs in size.

A few comments from my peering at it and comparing it to Google Earth's latest: Not a whole lot of changes. The fresh scars in the 83 pic are faded in the current GE one (If only we had the Google back then!). One or two new facilities have appeared, but they look like remnants of underground tests since the 83 pic was taken. You can see the power line run quite clearly in the 83 pic (a straight line running up the middle, jogging a bit right and left and ending at the northerly most complex), so you can compare it to the GE pic.

There is something new, but my sense is that it's nothing to get too excited about. On the GE image, where the main road makes almost a 90 degree turn from just slightly NE to directly NW, there are a few new buildings on the east side of the road and what appear to be a few vehicles. These buildings look fairly modest and are probably just remote out storage buildings used for training exercises. Or where the aliens are hid. One of the two. But it is a difference from the earlier pic. I'll probably leave the pic on the web site for a few weeks, so if you want it, grab it while it's there. It's the only one I have of Area 19.

Have fun.....

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