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Message posted by Lumpy on July 07, 2007 at 22:20:07 PST:

My scenery was all done with
off the shelf stuff. The antenna towers,
radome, tents, local cop etc were placed there with
a little program called EZscenery. You simply slew
around the world till you're at a spot where you'd
like to place a piece of scenery, pick the item
to place, and save it.

For fun, I placed the four president's heads from
Mt Rushmore on the west face of Tikaboo with a
tent and some RR ties behind them.

I hid some cammos in the usual spots above campfire
hill, Wal Mart etc.

I'm not a programmer. Nothing difficult here.
Just download the stuff others have come up with.
Like the Janet. There's several versions. One
has an alien pilot and co-pilot.

I used AFCAD to put a VOR/ILS at the base.


You were the "OPERATION" game voice?
Yes. Take out wrenched ankle.

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