For Pilots / Flight Sim People

Message posted by Chris on July 06, 2007 at 9:41:38 PST:

Just a neat little thing I found for those interested in flying, particularly Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you own the latest version FS X, They model Area 51 fairly accuratley... There is even a mission where you fly the Janet 737 Shuttle from Las vegas to A51! What blew my mind was they even got the callsign correct (JANET #), the switch over callsign when they are handed off to A51 control correct (Ex. Chevy 24), and they I believe they use either the Mercury or Pyramid fix!!! There is even a fast mover en route and another Janet u hear on the radio and pass by in flight. Something tells me they may have used this site as a reference ;) Also with FS X they use real terrain data points so the view on the tarmac at A51 probably resembles how it really looks.

Anyway its worth checking out if your into that kind of stuff. It blew mind!


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