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Message posted by Tom on July 05, 2007 at 18:40:58 PST:

A lot of the info on the Shundahai page looks to be a direct cut and paste from my stuff on A19. The pic isn't of A19. I don't think I've ever seen a ground level pic.

No, you can't drive to A19, unless you are on a guided tour of the NTS, and then you will have a "keeper" along. I know of someone who was on a press tour and convinced the keeper to allow a jaunt into A19, but the northbound road into it was so rough that it became impassable for the van they were using.

Personally speaking, a number of years ago I had a rather unique opportunity to see the area, but snow on the road made it impassable. One would think if there was a secret base there, they would at least keep the stinkin' roads plowed....

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