Re: Roadblock Canyon Thanks for the info!

Message posted by lone wolf on July 05, 2007 at 13:02:25 PST:

From my GPS, the road starts at
N37.52244 W115.58178
There are 4 border gates, but the one at
N37.49171 W115.67344
is the most interesting. It has a camera they can move remotely.

On the way to this border point
N37.49392 W115.70136
there is a location where you can't be seen by the camera on Bald Mountain. It is at
N37.49392 W115.69918
I don't have waas on my GPS, so use your eyes to tell when you are hidden. Also, the 1060Mhz transponder "pinger" on Bald Mountain can't be heard from this location.

I haven't had the chopper visit me there in at least 4 visits. If you had multiple cars at these border spots, that might bring out the chopper. To be more specific, a vehicle at the southern gate, i.e.
N37.49171 W115.67344
would head off the cammo dudes "at the pass", i.e. they couldn't reach the other gates.

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