possibe idea to dirt pile

Message posted by joe on June 30, 2007 at 17:40:49 PST:

In the photo of the new hangar, there is that large pile. I have an idea to what it maybe. I have to friends that work out there as contract employees. I know they work for a concrete supplier and I'm sure they are batching concrete onsite. I doubt they are importing aggergate or sand. If you look at the southend of the base on google earth, there appears to be a large screening plant. That pile could be a stockpile for aggergate for concrete.

Sidebar. I spoke with a person at Creech. I know right now they are building a new hangar for the predator(identical to the new one) a new armament, new casket storage, 4 new igloos, a new flight training center. They are under construction now. Within the next 10 years Nellis plans to relocate ALL training facilites to Creech. They are planning 1800 new military housing to be built at creech. A congressman just purchased a large amount of land around creech and mercury. JUST FYI


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