Re: The new hangar - mystery solved!

Message posted by lone wolf on June 26, 2007 at 18:35:29 PST:

From my perspective, I saw lights on the base that I never saw before, but I can't say this was in the location of the new hangar.

These lights didn't appear to be what I would call construction lights, i.e. floods. Rather, just colored lights floating in the air. [Floating because I couldn't see to what they were attached.] I didn't use the telescope at night, just binoculars.

As an aside, we saw lights pop up over the Nellis range in the opposite direction of the base. I'm not sure what they were. The weapons school was shooting Maverick air to ground missiles, but as far as I know, not in that location. The pilot would say "six seconds to impact", and sure enough, a yellow glow would appear on the ground.

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