Re: An updated satellite image - contributions.

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on June 22, 2007 at 18:52:57 PST:

That sounds like a good idea. Is everyone ok with that? I will be in Europe for a few weeks, but since $2k is not enough to retire there, I will be back... ;-)

Seriously, this would somewhat obscure the time frame when the photo will be taken. I am sure our plans did not go unnoticed...

If you agree, please go ahead and send a check (personal is fine) in my name (Joerg Arnu) to:

Dreamland Resort
PO Box 777324
Henderson, NV 89077

If you prefer, you can Paypal the money to Please be sure to include your name and /or handle in the forum.

I will publish a list of donations here on DLR.

I am really happy to see such a positive response to this project. Thank you all for your support! Special thanks to "NoOne" for coming up with the idea. Hank had suggested this to me a while ago, but I did not think there would be enough support. I am glad I was wrong!

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