Re: Sometimes a dirt pile is just a dirt pile

Message posted by Mark on June 19, 2007 at 16:42:17 PST:

Hye, been a way for a while with finals but I just caught up on the goings on. I agree, I think its just a foundation for that HUGE @$$ hanger. Just a random thought, it that hanger close in size to the one at Plant 42 that Northrop made the B-2's in? Just a thought that they may be making stuff out there. You if so they will have an increased tempo of people moving in there. If its by air it should be rather obvious, if they bus in from the "back side" over by mercury it maybe harder to tell. Also that dirt may be there to aid in the construction of any other buildings there. If you were building a BIG hanger you may need smaller hangers near by, why not save time of getting more dirt for things such as taxiway foundations etc etc and use what ya got? Naturally this post if FULL of wild hunches but I would like to think that som eof it may be true.

Mark Wheeler

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