Corn Creek seismo has evil twin by Vegas

Message posted by JB737 on June 18, 2007 at 23:08:50 PST:

Great info, congratulations!

Your link is the correct one to this unit, but it is named Corn Creek as in the body of your post, not Corn Springs as in your subject line.

More confusingly, if you try to pick it off their crowded globe-scale map and picklists, there is another unit down by Vegas off of 95, OF THE SAME NAME, so here are the details on both:

The CORRECT ONE, on the way to Tikaboo,
for which your link was correct, is:
Code: TA.T11A
Name: Corn Creek, Alamo, NV, USA
Location: 37.24 N, 115.22 W
Joerg's coords for it: 37.237 115.215

The MISNAMED twin, easily selected by mistake if using their globe-scaled map, is:
Code: TA.U11A
Name: Corn Creek, NV, USA
Location: 36.42 N, 115.38 W
This is actually near Las Vegas off Hwy 95


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