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Yes, "underground base" conspiracy theories are way out there. However, underground bases don't HAVE to involve a conspiracy theory, they just have to be underground!

In Nevada, going underground could save a lot of air conditioning to help recoup construction costs. Botton line, dirt and rock are more difficult to sneak through or see through than air, so an underground facility is inherently more secure than one above ground.

The usual two questions still are: where did the dirt go, and where are the ventilation shafts, if there is an underground base?

Area 51 has so many structures that finding a vent is impossible without boots on the ground there. Tunnel some ducts to an empty hangar or two, open the doors, and bingo, you can breathe.

Now that there is finally a big dirt pile where many conspiracy buffs have long said an underground base exists, at a time when the above-ground parts of the base show feverish construction activity, let's humor them and to try to show where the dirt came from.

If we don't, they're going to go to town on this one with ideas like "That big, tall hangar was needed to assemble the fusion-powered tunneling machine, and is also where the conveyor for the laser-dirt-processor slag comes out."

We need to decipher fact from fiction, before the evidence is gone and legends take over.

Regarding Archangel's post: I find Cheyenne mountain interesting but so unique as to not be relevant.
Just because worker bees are leaving Cheyenne to a base 12 miles away in a consolidation move, I don't think you can conclude that underground bases are not good to have, or that nuclear risks are not still there. I don't buy it, and neither does the guy moving out. He is leaving Cheyenne ready to be back up and running IN AN HOUR in case he and his guys need to flee there. Maybe there is or was a guy of like mind and budget at Area 51 at any time during the last 50 years, or maybe not. We simply don't know. But it only takes one decision to build it, then it's going to stay there for a long, long time, just like Cheyenne.

A local management decision in Colorado gives no evidence about the secret physical reality of a very different operation in Nevada that has been accumulating for half a century. Looking for patterns and trends is fine, but extrapolating one current event into a conclusion about past history elsewhere, is unreliable at best.

Right now, we have a big enough dirt pile in plain view at Area 51 to show that either they dug something out, or they sure like playing with big bulldozers, or they really want to hide what's behind the pile.....OR some combination of these things. And as usual, they all can provide cover for each other.

These guys are smart. I don't think that even if you are 100% positive that something in Column A is true, it means another choice in Column B is false. They could all be true, or some of them, or none. We have to "do the experiment" and figure it out.

Column A: Seismic Sensor, above-ground construction, dirt scraped into pile blocks view, magician appears to be using only left hand

Column B: Approach Sensor, underground construction, underground construction dirt mixed into pile, magician is also doing something with right hand

In closing, a musical paraphrase of Andre's excellent post:

There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware
Song entitled "For What It's Worth"
Lyrics by Stephen Stills, 1966
Performed by Buffalo Springfield, 1967


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