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Message posted by Tom on June 18, 2007 at 19:26:58 PST:

First of all, I wouldn't put too much faith on what this Mahood guy says. I know for a fact he's in the employ of the government.

Anyways....Nuthin says Big Undergroud Base (look here, look here!!!) like a big-ass dirt pile. If you did have need of an underground facility you would probably want to dispose of the excavated material as discretely as possible. That wouldn't include piling it up smack-dab in the backyard of our favorite secret base. I'll pass on the agruments of "why" an underground base when you could hide things just as well, and more cheaply with...oh I don't 'bout a friggin' big hangar???

I think we are seeing something much more wonderous at work here. Like a volcano rising out of the sea, forming a new island, we are witnessing the creation of an entirely new land mass: Modesty Hill.

Obviously them with the Black Toys have something new and big in the works, and its new home is Hangar 324 (that's Hangar 18 squared). Alternatively, it could be a large number of not-so-big toys, but in any case they have to keep the whatever out of sight in a big barn (with big barn doors). I suspect it must be large enough to be seen from Tikaboo.

So what to do? Another land grab would reignite a crapstorm like what ensued with Freedom Ridge. Maybe worse, since Tikaboo is so far away and separated from the base. The Evil Genius solution is to build their own mountain, on their own property, and Modesty Hill is born. And I'm sure that much earth moving was very expensive.

Satellites and passing aircraft are no problem since their presence is known or can be detected and the hangar doors closed. But wankers on Tikaboo? Who knows when we,..I mean they are around. Modesty Hill effectively blocks the sight line into the hangar from the popular tourist spots. I think it will be a challenge (but not impossible) to find a way around it.

Heh, heh, times coming, me thinks.....

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