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Message posted by Chuck Clark on June 16, 2007 at 6:03:22 PST:

I'm not aware of what satellite receives the up-link, but it might well be the Dish's Wild Blue is being used as the host. It was about a year ago when they came out to my friend's place and asked permission to install the device. He consented and within a couple of weeks they came out with a backhoe and dug the underground vault that houses the sensors and installed the pole for the satellite up-link. Then, nothing happened until March or April of this year when they finally came out and added the solar panels, antennas, etc. to complete the intallation. I didn't notice if the setup at his place had the GPS antenna or not, but I suspect that it would. The only difference that I notice between the site on the Tikaboo access and the one in Rachel is that the one near Tikaboo has larger (and more) solar-panels and a larger battery box. This would make sense due to it's more remote location, road access for maintenance could be restricted periodically in the winter due to road conditions.

I suggested the secondary relationship to the proposed 700 KT weapons test because, when there was the public outcry about the test and it was questionable if it would happen or not coincided with the months long period of inactivity in the completion of my Rachel friend's installation. About the time they finally came out and completed the system, I had heard something on the news that they had revived the plans for the weapons test.

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