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Message posted by JB737 on June 15, 2007 at 18:35:41 PST:


First, congrats on great pics and accomplishments over the years.

Good eye on the dish.

This provides the installation with highly secure 2-way communication to remote operators, presumably using https/SSL. It proves there is a real, Ethernet-capable computer at the installation sending and receiving data/commands/whatever.

Maybe the computer is just a board or two in the solar-cell controls cabinet, but it's looking more like the "big dig" was for a little underground (precast concrete?) computer room with extra batteries, etc.

The Internet is plenty secure, if used properly. If anyone here can defeat SSL, https secure servers, and maybe some additional custom file/packet encryption at each end, then please take a few billion out of some "Axis of Evil" country's banking system, and divvy it up with the rest of us.


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