Re: Camping Near and Around Area 51

Message posted by Gregos on June 10, 2007 at 20:34:45 PST:

I still prefer the "Hidden Campsite." It's mostly a sand clearing about 30 feet in diameter with a fire pit in the middle. It has an excellent view of the base area and Bald Mountain. It's far enough off HWY 375 so no one will see your camp. Killer place for star gazing. We are approaching a new moon, I would suggest taking a compass. It gets blacker than black out there. When night falls you will have trouble with your bearings without one. Lastly, I was there in early May. I left some firewood and a small grill for the next guy. Hope you have a fun and safe trip!

• Hidden Campsite (LN 31.7):
This is a great hidden spot for tent or car camping. Not suitable for RV's, requires a high-clearance vehicle. Look for an unmaintained dirt road leading southwest towards a small hill. It leads around the hill to a small hidden camp area in the back. Excellent private spot for skywatching at night.

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