Re: Thud's insinuations

Message posted by JB737 on May 31, 2007 at 16:01:55 PST:

Hmmm....the Thudmeister attacks the newbie yet agsin. Are you a troll, a cop, a comedian, or just chairman of the DLR freshman hazing committee?

As to my "mission on this forum" and "who I am", some people have formed accurate opinions, and it doesn't bother me that you haven't.

I mainly have a personal quest for knowledge and recreation related to my interests and hobbies. Several of these overlap in a useful manner regarding the topics found at DLR. You seem to hate long posts, so I won't list them. :-)

I would not say that I am on a mission, beyond that.

OK, OK, I admit it: I'm on a mission to convince Hank that there are still things left to be seen and learned. Tough assignment, but I'm trying. :-)

Yes, I can be verbose and meander off even my own topic. If you don't like it, it is easy enough to just skip, or read & ignore all my posts. Am I so fascinating that you can't do that?


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