McChord AFB Open House

Message posted by Cyberspacejojo on June 18, 2001 at 0:32:00 PST:

Hello fellow Dreamlanders...I've been following your messages for well over four months now and am impressed with your knowledge and travels to Area 51.

Today was McChord AFB open house here in Washington State in which the Thunderbirds put on a spectacular know, as usual. On display were various Air Force aircraft....the C5A, C141, and others in which folks could walk into and visit the cockpit if so desired. Then there was the Sleath....oh, boy....only this one was the ONLY aircraft the public was not allowed to get up close because the armed, yes, armed, military personnel had it roped off with signs, via Dreamland, that said "Deadly Force is Authorized".

So being a extremely curious person, I ask one of the guys with a gun a few questions....."I thought this plane was a secret or did it go the same way as the know, a secret for 10 years and then the public gets informed? And why isn't this plane in a hangar? Doesn't it need to be cooled at 60 degrees? (He then pointed out the skin of the aircraft was looking kinda warped and specially mentioned that they were normally stored in hangars in New Mexico - yes at 60 degrees). And what's with that inflatable 'cute' little green alien in the cockpit? Is that because the jokes on us (the taxpayers) and did not the technology with this aircraft come from the real 'aliens'? Did you get the inflatable alien from the gift shop at Rachel? And by the way, what's with the Aurora? Is is for real or what?"

His response? Professional and yet I detected a smile. Said he is currently stationed at Holloman AFB in New Mexico. Anyway, he obviously was feeling a little uncomfortable with questions from a middle-aged female (who, by the way, does extensive research on this matter!).

The point is, the Sleath is a remarkable and aircraft up close. Thought I pass this along.



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