Re: New Stealth Craft operating out of Area 51

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on June 16, 2001 at 18:13:53 PST:

Hello Swiss Mountain Bat, welcome to the Dreamland Resort discussion forum and thanks for your interesting and entertaining accounts of your adventures on Reveille etc. Of course I had read about your "fastmover" sighting before, and with our recent sighting I can see how before you even think of taking photos the kodak moment is gone.

I am far from being an aircraft expert, but I am CERTAIN that this was NOT a regular F-117, which I have seen flying and refueling from a KC-10 before. Without a reference it would have fooled us, same shape and all. But at least 1.5 times or twice the size, unless they have a miniature KC-10 and F-15.
Trust me, I keep my eyes open and if I get any decent pictures they go right up on this web site. At least I got some pretty decent shots of the base with my C-5 scope with 2x extender.

An interesting side note regarding the curse of Tikaboo: We had two wireless mikes up there for the interviews, and one just kept picking up a weird hiss up there. As they say in Rachel, its the Whacko Beam from Bald Mountain... ;-)

If you make it out here this summer please email me your plans. Perhaps we can meet here in Rachel.

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