Message posted by Hank on May 24, 2007 at 9:45:22 PST:

Good Morning,
As you know the hunt is over and we have a winner. F150 a long time poster was the lucky one. After receiving some emails questioning the reason for having the hunt I thought I would set the record straight. It was not a scam or a joke. I personally went to Rachel, found the spot and buried it. All this can be verified by viewing the photos posted on the link below. It was not to drive more traffic to the site as this was the only place it was posted. Their was no ulterior motive for having this hunt.
The only reason was trying to figure out a way to thank all the posters who have made donations to the site. Both monetary and thru your postings. The information and trip reports that you post to the site are very valuable commodites, without them their would be no site. Your postings to the Forum, the photos you post,and your participation in the Chat are part of what keeps the site up and running. As it is hard to thank each of you on an individual basis the Hunt was set up as a form of appreciation. I know that alot of you cant get up to the area but I hope you had fun guessing the location. Their will be at least one more Hunt during the summer when more of you are able to travel. I will also try to make it so that you dont physically have to be in the area to find the prize.
Thank you all that participated. I hope it was fun for you. It was fun for me.

Link to all the photos. Double click to enlarge.


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