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Don't worry, I wasn't an English major either, so the best I can tell you as to whether my post should have been taken as a statement, a question, or just rambling on my part.....depends on what level of abstraction you apply to it. On the surface, it seems to be a statement, but you don't have to go very deep into thought, to see the questions it implies.

I just posted my own observations and uncertainty in the matter, the source of which I did not explain: I had previously heard in chat that Chuck was in AZ, then later noticed his Rachel mailing address still given (on a DLR web page) for photo orders. It seemed entirely plausible to me that he might still be using the Rachel address for orders, but even more plausible that he was not.

That in turn implied some questions that I guessed someone might know the answers to, or might contact Chuck about, such as:
Can photos still be ordered directly from Chuck?
If so, then what address should be used?

I didn't want to directly ask what Chuck's address is, because that wasn't my agenda, and I had no idea whether he wanted his new address known.

I mainly wanted to give a heads-up that DLR might want to verify, remove, or change the stated photo-ordering address before it unknowingly steered too many people into mailing money to a likely-defunct address. I know it's not easy to keep every item on every web page up to date, especially things like third-party addresses, email addresses, links to external websites, etc.

I figured that Joerg wouldn't mind a heads-up about this possible page maintenance issue.

I also figured that anyone knowing the new address would probably also know, or be able to check, what Chuck's intentions were, before providing it in the forum.

Last but not least, I hoped that I could sit in my comfy chair like any good instigator, and let others do the heavy lifting. :-) It is looking like (Gosh Darn It) I was right about that. Well done, Hank and Joerg. You run a well oiled machine here.



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