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Message posted by lone wolf on May 04, 2007 at 19:29:32 PST:

Yeah, but the wifi in Alamo is of the drive-by flavor. ;-)

When I had verizon, I could use their data service in Alamo. It was better than nothing. Now in Tonopah, the verizon data service didn't work. However, AT&T/T-mobile cellular data works in Tonopah, but there is no service from AT&T much beyond the intersection of I-15 and route 93. My understanding is the cellular companies are going to pull the plug on AMPS (i.e. analog) in Feb 2008, so the Rachel cell will either be upgraded or shutdown.

I suggested to the QuikPik owner to add wifi, but well, you can see that outfit doesn't have it's act together.

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