Message posted by Hank on May 03, 2007 at 14:39:22 PST:

I was in Rachel yesterday and the thought occurred to me that someone among you might be able to use some extra money while you were in the area. So to that end I buried a 100 dollar bill. That could be 2 nights at the Inn or alot of beer, or anything else. All you've got to do is find it and dig it up and its yours. It is in a plastic bottle wrapped in duct tape, and buried about 4 inches below ground. I will be providing clues to where it is and where it isnt so that you can narrow your search.The clues will be posted to the Forum so if you miss one you can retrieve it. Their is no set schedule for when they will be posted so be sure to check your DLR Email. Their will be some pics, some GPS numbers, and some text to help you along. If no one finds it by August 30th I will donate it to the site. If you have any questions other than where is it, please post them.
Here is the link to the first clues
Double click on the images to enlarge and please scoll down for text under the pics.
Let the games begin


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