Fun with Air Traffic

Message posted by Lumpy on April 29, 2007 at 0:35:39 PST:

Not really dreamland related...

123.025am. I suppose a lot of air scanner heads are familiar with that as helo to helo freq. But I just discovered it. Fascinating and simple, plain language comms going on there. ALL helos in the local area use it to announce their locations and destinations to help avoid collisions.

In my area (Phoenix) it's all first name basis or once in a while "FIVE" or some other number to indicate which TV channel helo it is, if they don't know exactly which pilot is in it.

The air cops keep the news birds aware of what's happening. The news birds assist in pursuits and other hot traffic. Med choppers announce their take off/LZ/Hospital destinations. In an area with dozens or hundreds of PD, SO frequencies, an am scanner tuned to 025 is a simple way to keep aware of hot traffic so that you can then tune another scanner to the appropriate freq.

Good reception since all the transmitters are airborne.



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