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Message posted by B Johnson on April 27, 2007 at 6:55:59 PST:

We go to Rachel every year to get away from work and people. We are going again over Memorial Day Weekend. When we go, we take 4 ATV's and have a blast. Some good places to go are: Right across from Rachel up the dirt road past the mine. The road goes forever and there really is lots of beutiful scenery to check out. Also, about 15 miles north of Rachel, there is a dry lake bed. Next to it is a windmill and corrall. The lake bed is great to ride on (had my atv up to 70 before I got nervous). There are lots of USGS markers all over the lake bed so watch out. Fun to geocache out there too. Other places are the Pipeline Ranch road. There are lots of small dirt roads off of the main paved roads, but be aware of border markers. There is also a geocache at the ranch that we placed. Since you have a hauler, you should have plenty of water and a generator for tons of fun. We have wanted to camp at the ranch several times, but don't have a hauler-yet, so until then, we camp close to water and electricity. If you contact the Lincoln county chamber of commerce, they could link you up with some maps and other resources for finding great places to take wheelers. Good Luck.

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