Re: ATV's in the area

Message posted by lone wolf on April 26, 2007 at 23:41:02 PST:

I've have not used an ATV in the area. That said, the only place I've seen them used that you could not reach with a SUV would be some of the trails on Quinn Mountain. I suspect the Worthington range would have areas that could only be reached by ATV, but I never saw any there.

Of course, there is the deadly ATV trail up Tikaboo. The Texas cops admitted to rolling one there. The ATV only gets you up to the area before the first false summit. That is lots of huffing and puffing to be saved. Still, I think taking an ATV on the hiking trail is a bit nutso. There is probably a safer route up the hill rather than a 100% grade with a sharp roll off on one side.

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