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Message posted by Spongthrush on April 20, 2007 at 12:11:29 PST:

That was us in the video and it was definitely a sonic boom from the F-16. As the video was doing the rounds of friends we thought we'd put it on youtube. I guess I ought to put all the video footage from the last few years into one video as there's usually something happen on our annual trip. Over the years we've had MiG-29 solo, then MiG-29 in formation with N105TB Gulfstream 2 and a Su-27, being visited by a UH-60 from the base while up Tikaboo, F-16 sonic booms etc... see link below

...and just got back from this year's trip. No trip up Tikaboo was possible on Monday due to the depth of the snow at about 5000ft and above. The day before when stocking up with food for the BBQ we noticed a party shop and we'd gone equipped with 50 helium filled balloons of various descriptions (I recall chuckling at a previous thread a while back re metallic balloons from Tikaboo causing radar returns). The party shop also sold camouflage face paint and toy cammo helmets. Maybe it is a good idea that we didn't get up Tikaboo looking like some gay army had rolled into town festooned with the end we stopped for a BBQ about 2 miles short of Tikaboo due snow. 2 x F-15s tailchased above us and ignored us which makes me wonder what one would have to do to get rescued as we couldn't be more obvious if we tried. Anyway, will youtube a video from this year and a trip report (if I can make it interesting enough) and work on a video from past years.

Worryingly, my colleagues want to climb Tikaboo in fancy dress next year....


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