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Message posted by JB737 on April 13, 2007 at 10:55:53 PST:

Can't say as I blame you, I'm pretty far out... hahaha.

But patience.....

The night Janet pix still require some long-exposure hot-pixel corrections to them. I had turned off the automatic "long exposure noise reduction" on my D70, to prevent it from messing whatsoever with the image in the camera. In exchange for this quest for perfection, I now get to hand-select which neighboring pixel to clone onto each hot pixel by hand. A very small percentage of pixels on my D70's CCD are "hot", but of 6+Mpixels, it's still a bit of work, maybe 500 or 1000 pixels of random noise to fix on each photo. I'll provide Joerg with both the original and fixed versions, to show that I'm not doctoring the photo in any way but to remove the erroneous noise pixels and match them to whatever background is next to them. Then I'll probably do a third/final version with the usual attempts at overall improvement by balancing color, adjusting contrast, unsharp masking, etc.

The daytime hiking pix require less correction, but there are a couple of dust furballs in the same spot on each picture, must have gotten my CCD dirty when changing lenses.

Last but not least, during a quick LAS-RNO-LAS roundtrip, I had gotten a picture of what I thought was a passing airliner. But now it appears to be a military tanker or something, likely foreign. Something like a KC-135, but I don't think it is exactly one.

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