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Message posted by lone wolf on April 13, 2007 at 1:38:25 PST:

The guy at that new UFO center near Crystal Springs says he has done the hike to Tikaboo from the east side of the mountain. Reality? Who knows. There is a road on the topo map that takes you near the hill you are trying to reach, but my recollection was that it wasn't much of a road in real life. It starts at
N37.48002 w115.34202
Google Earth coverage there is poor, but there is coverage on the old terraserver data. You can access it via "expertgps" if you have it, or the acme mapper.

I ran GRASS computer analysis on the hill you are trying to reach and don't see any advantage to climbing it other than to say you did it. That is, the view from Tikaboo is better. There are hills to the west of Tikaboo that have view of the base that are easier to climb than Tikaboo, but you don't see as much of the base.

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