2 small JANET mysteries solved

Message posted by JB737 on April 13, 2007 at 0:35:55 PST:

Upon reviewing my pictures from this trip, I have determined the answers to 2 minor questions about the JANET flights:

Some pictures show door numbers on the interior of the 737 passenger doors. They correspond to the departure time from the gate. If a flight is leaving at 4:00am, they slap a "00" tag on the door. If the other one is leaving at 4:45, it has a "45" tag. I finally made sure to set accurate local time on my camera, give or take a second or two. On the 00-tagged plane, the door shut at 3:59:xx and it taxied away at 4:02, etc.

There is no correlation between tail number and door number, or "286" type number and door number, because the same plane will have different door numbers at different times.

The tags must be used so that folks don't get on an earlier or later plane than they are scheduled for, by accident. Similarly, if only one plane is there, there is no need for a door tag...everyone who is going, is getting on the same plane.

Since the infamous youtube video claiming to be the interior of a JANET, with orange/rust? upholstery, we've been dying to know if that is the real color, and therefore if the video might be real.

Well, folks, every plane that I have looked at in detail from this trip, has BLUE, as in VERY BLUE, upholstery. Now, that is not all of the planes, so rust/orange is still a possibility on some. I just haven't seen any of it. Just BLUE, perhaps as in HAVE BLUE, PAVE BLUE, BLUE BOOK, etc.

Better than if it had turned out to be grey, I guess. :-)


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