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I was highest up in daytime, and didn't see anything related to the base. At night, for maybe a 1/2 mile stretch before where I set up camp, I saw lights that I'm pretty sure were the Medlin ranch.

I'm flattered that you'd want to put my stuff in the Trip Reports section. Permission granted! I'd encourage you to wait a little while, as there will be details and photos to follow.

I'll probably privately email you at some point to share thoughts on what level of detail should be published and what should be left for people to either figure out for themselves, or have them ask for. I'll re-read some of the other ones to refresh my memory on what is traditional. I know that a report on Reveille Peak had just about the tone that I would probably want set on this one....namely: here is a general idea of what I did, some pointers on what you have to prepare for, and I don't recommend you try it unless you are well prepared and experienced.

I'd be happy to help any trusted list member duplicate or exceed my journey with a greater safety margin of knowledge than I had. Hiking with 30-50 waypoints per mile from a previous hiker's track log, is much safer than with the 3-6 per mile that I picked off of Google Earth by eyeball. But I'm not sure it's a good idea to publish every detail and tempt the average GPS-owning hiker to even consider this one.

And of course, if the route remains rarely if ever used, it will not be worth any effort by the AF to keep close tabs on it. It was nice laying in my sleeping bag with not a sound to be heard, much less a Pave Hawk checking up on me.

Knowing that anyone "following published instructions" will pass within 5 meters of key waypoints, makes it just too tempting a spot to instrument/watch.

On the other hand, in the future if I can complete the route to link Badger Spring with 375, I would feel almost compelled to publish that part of the information in minute track-log detail, for Tikaboo tourists to have loaded onto their GPS in case of an emergency need to walk out. Going around one side of a little hill instead of the other side of it, can save hours of effort when they lead into different-depth valleys.

It is not as if most of the hike is critical as to exact path taken. A pricker bush here is the same as a pricker bush there. So I'm confident that eventually, an efficient Tikaboo-escape path can be published, that it would be GOOD if they added sensors to it, to detect people in trouble or foreign spies following it inbound. Then we could have a number of slightly different unpublished routes to pursue our hobby along, without tripping sensors placed on the published route (unless of course we wanted to :-) ).



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