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Message posted by JB737 on April 12, 2007 at 14:41:59 PST:

While out there over the last week or so, I kept my eyes open for pyramids. From the 16th floor of the Luxor, looking east, I could see no pyramids, but just some unmarked airplanes with red stripes on them. :-)

Pyramid 1:
From Palace Station, one of the mountains to the west could qualify under the "lighter coloring" theory, as appearing to be a pyramid. Albeit more of a stepped Mexican pyramid than something at Giza.

Pyramid 2:
But also to the west of Vegas, there is an exceptionally pyramid-shaped hill/mount. It sits absolutely alone on flat land east of the mountain range there. Sure looks like a pyramid plunked down on the Giza plain, to me.

I got some good pix of it while on base leg (proceeding eastbound from around the CA border) to land (westbound) at LAS last week.

Considering the "direct Stratosphere" clearance, could "direct Pyramid" just mean "direct Luxor"?

Or was there context placing Pyramid more at the Area 51 end of a flight?

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