Confessions of An Area 51 Employee

Message posted by Chris H. on April 08, 2007 at 9:55:46 PST:

Here's something I came across over at There are 8 parts to this series hosted by someone whom refers to himself as "Mr. X". This may be old news to some, but I thought some of you would enjoy this. The link below takes you to Part 5B, in which he tells of his encounter with the Aurora 2 while at Groom Lake. It's somewhat hard to understand Mr. X at times, so I provided a transcript of the dialogue below. Enjoy.

So we start moving down the corridors once again, through these maze-like pattern of passages, and the corridor tunnels start getting smaller, until finally we arrive at this door. And we get off the cart, walk over to the door. He uses his security card once again. The door opens. We move in. And we're standing in this lobby-like section with this huge panoramic window. I look through the window and I see this gigantic ampitheatre-type cavern. And unlike the rest of this underground base, which the walls are made of metal, the ceiling and walls are naked earth--hollowed-out earth. The floors are the only thing that were made of metal, so I suspect that we were inside the hollowed-out section of a mountain. Anyway, I'm looking through the window, and in the middle of this cavern, hangar, whatever, and I see this monstrous work of art. I really cant' describe it, except for the fact that I know it must be some type of aircraft. It's an amorphous, organic fusion of angles and curves. It looks like a giant, fanciful insect, albeit an extremely elegant insect. And my buddy tells me, "You're looking at the Aurora 2." Perfect stealth. Capable of reaching speeds in excess of mach 9. He goes on to tell me that the weaponry includes air-to-air missiles, microwave cannon, and the most accurate, longest-ranged air-to-surface laser-guided missile system ever conceived. And I must tell you, this thing looked ultra-cool. It made what you see in Star Wars and Star Trek look like it comes out of the bronze age. And I want to stand there and look at it, but my buddy says, "we better go now before they find out what I'm doing here." So I reluctantly left with him. But I must say I'm very ambivalent about what they are doing in Area 51. These highly skilled, highly intelligent technicians and scientists--not aliens--but highly skilled craftsmen are developing some of the--actually not some of the, but ALL of the--most futuristic defense devices imaginable. Yet, that will always be tempered with the fact that these incredible creations, like the Black Manta and Aurora 2, exist for a very dark agenda. And therein lies the rub.

Anyway, I'm afraid I have no more time for you today. I hope you visit me again. Roughly same X-time, same X-channel. Until then, Godspeed.

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