IMHO, Signature notation is feeble coverup attempt

Message posted by JB737 on March 29, 2007 at 23:12:04 PST:

I seriously doubt that Signature, however fine an FBO they might be, has anything to do with operating the JANET terminal. About as likely as the Taco Bell franchisee closest to the White House getting the contract to run the White House food/beverage operation.

Now, is it possible it's leased to Signature and subletted to EG&G, to help hide EG&G? Sure, why not. But if so, why sanitize the dates on all transactions? Why not just openly say, "Signature leased it on this, that, and the other date for $XYZ,000"?

More likely the county agreed to sanitize the land registry documents to remove all traces of the true operator, EG&G. Noting Signature (an abutting tenant) was simply a convenient and plausible alternative.

Maybe EG&G had to "borrow the Grey Poupon" from their neighbor Signature at some point, and personal friendships were struck, then they hatched this idea.

Or maybe, due to proximity, Signature only gets their own lease, on condition of getting security clearances for some/all of their own people. Sort of like letting Steve Medlin keep his ranch only if he could get the right clearance and agree to keep mum.

In December 2006, I got photos clearly showing the EG&G logo on a pickup truck between a rented (bucket/scissor/platform/whatever) lift, and a JANET 737.

About 25-30 years ago, I knew the E in EG&G personally. I wish I had known what to ask Doc Edgerton about! He was a great guy, and very down to earth for a person of his intellect. One anecdote was that he personally gave a slide show to a small group of us, about his somewhat successful search for the Loch Ness Monster with sidescan sonar and underwater photography. One slide sure looked like a photo of an allegedly-extinct pleiosaur.

The guy was interested in exploring/explaining/inventing EVERYTHING. If not for that, I would count his interest in underwater search technology as being a major clue as to where a lot of the real action is. Going 100 feet under the sea surface hides something better than going 20 miles away in air or on land, before even considering the differences in detectability by everything from satellites to tourists.

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