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Message posted by gary on June 11, 2001 at 19:44:05 PST:

I don't think you want to go to Tikaboo on a one day visit, especially if you are leaving from Las Vegas. The drive from Vegas to Alamo is about two hours. Figure on 45 minutes to get to the Tikaboo staging area. Assuming you want to hike before it gets hot, you would have to leave Vegas at 6AM at the latest.

Click the Area 51 FAQ on this website and there is a map with GPS coordinates and mile markers. This should get you to the front gate, back gate, and Rachel. Since it is summer time and the days are long, you could do a loop where you hit Groom Lake, the Alien and Research Center, maybe Cedar Pass road, then head over to the TTR where you can actually see something. Take 95S back to Vegas. I think you could do that in one killer trip. The advantage to driving 95 south at the end of the day is there are no cows to hit, so night driving is not a problem. This is not true on 93, though you don't see many cows there. The ET highway has serious cow hitting possibilities, not to mention running over rabbits. [Not dangerous, but not very nice to do either.] I think 6 has some open range, but I don't recall really seeing any cattle there.

You can see that Janet planes by driving down Mandalay Bay (road or street). Staying at the Island Tower of the Tropicana will get you a good view as well. You need to request a room as high as possible and facing the airport.

Unless you time your visit during a Red Flag event, you may not see much flying.

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