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Message posted by lone wolf on March 17, 2007 at 15:45:03 PST:

N37.49455 W115.42273 should have some view of the base. It is in a Wilderness Study Area, so you can't drive very close to it. The WSA starts at the Power Line Overlook.

There is software to check out what can be seen from any location. The learning curve is mighty steep, but GRASS will do the trick, and it is open source. You need data from
For commercial software, the bottom end would be
For line of sight analysis, the basic version doesn't cut it. My recollection is the next step up does.

If you go the route of GRASS, you need to install CVA (cumulative viewshed analysis). You need a serious computer to run GRASS or Manifold. I'm using a 4.4GHz dual core AMD 64. 2GBytes of RAM would be enough.

If you really want to do some snooping, I suggest Hayford Peak. It has a viewshed that extends to the Tonopah Test Range. It has a DOE repeater on it, which I suspect is the location of the trunk radio system you can hear near the front gate. It is far away from Groom Lake, but you could take in all the air traffic over the range, especially the Janets as they approach Groom Lake.

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