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Message posted by lone wolf on March 17, 2007 at 15:13:53 PST:

Graduation would be the first two weeks of December. The weapons school (Nellis) has their share of helicopters. The weapons school does bombing exercises over Dog Bone Lake. For SAR training, I would guess they pick a spot near the action but not close to the bombing, so Desert Lake is likely. [There is a F15 crash nearby, so we know they fly over it.] If you fail to make the hairpin turn at N37.20698 W115.19518 on the way to Tikaboo, you end up at Desert Lake. The road turns into mush and has a sign indicating the road is closed.

A good GPS planning tool is expertgps. Unlike google earth, the waypoints are accurate. The disadvantage is the only satellite imagery is the older black and white USGS. However, where coverage exists, it is useful to spot trails. Over the years the USGS has released imagery closer to the border. The program also interfaces to USGS topo maps. I put a larger drive in my notebook to handle the data. You need about 50Gbytes for the Nellis ranges, Edwards, etc, and this is if the images are limited to 2 meter resolution.

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