Re: Up-close visit from all 3 Pave Hawks

Message posted by lone wolf on March 16, 2007 at 23:36:40 PST:

I suggest using waypoints rather than turning on some road on a map database. The waypoints are quite good, even though they pre-date the SA being turned off. I never heard of old Corn Creek Road. The road to Tikaboo is very good until you get near the end.

I was riding on Groom Lake Road with someone who had a TomTom GPS. There were a few roads that didn't exist.

What passes for a gate on these ranch roads is often just strung barbed wire. Unless there is something reflective on it, such gates are very easy to hit at night. [My adventure with one cost me about $1500 for new paint.] You really need those waypoints with gate locations if you drive offroad at night.

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