Re: If you cause grief

Message posted by Steve Hauser on June 10, 2001 at 11:51:22 PST:

1)If they keep taking land in bits and pieces, soon we'll all be living on little reservations in the most secure nation there ever was.
2)That the AIR force would require more and more LAND is absurd.
3)If a few amateur birdwatchers in the desert are causing anyone grief, then I say more stringent psychological screening is required--out with the culture of rabid paranoia.
4)Taking more land makes people more curious which brings more people to the area, which, surprise surprise, makes the irrational paranoiacs want more land.
5)How about the Air Force protecting the border it already has. Penetration as deep as Papoose Lake has already been accomplished (by the late Mr. Freeman). Protecting a larger border would be no easier.
6)If the Air Force knew what it was doing, it would give a press tour of the base ASAP. Do you think I would waste my time sitting on a mountain over 25 miles away thereafter? People would lose interest if the mystery were not so mysterious.

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