F/A-22 vs Eurofighter Typhoon

Message posted by Nimrod on March 13, 2007 at 21:04:01 PST:

I keep reading reports that the Eurofighter has been in head to head missions against the F/A-22 (probably during Red Flag).
The report mentions the Eurofighter performed very well against the Raptor.

In summary the article mentions the Saudis buying 72 Eurofighters (at $60 million each) while the Raptor costs $380 each.

Granted - the Raptor is true stealth, EF is not (has external weapons stores). However the EF can carry substancially more weapons than the Raptor.

Anyway - just curious about the match up - whether the relatively "good" performance was due to the EF or the fact the RAF has good pilots.

Anybody care to contribute



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