Re: BASE... etc... Don't Worry

Message posted by Spooky_Dogg on June 10, 2001 at 10:04:35 PST:

Thud et al

Don't worry. the STARS tell me that the situation is contained and potential scenarios analyzed.

The defense contractors projects are not in any particular jeopardy. Some exercises may have to be moved temporarily, but, that can well work out to our advantage overall as there is too much mystery in people's minds regarding the facility, and therefore, in some instances, too much unwanted focus there.

We have sufficient desert areas open to us for our business that we can even afford to leave the talkative Air Force folk out of the loop.

One readiness evaluation was relocated and is underway elsewhere. Yes, Magoo, et al, I did mention 29 Stumps; but that's NO classified secret. *SMIRK*


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