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The "Texas cops" have been ATVing up the hill and have really worn it down. [I met them as they were coming down. While I can't say it was them, the peak was full of butts and empty MRE packs.] They do several trips since you can only get two people on an ATV. They also admitted to rolling an ATV once. They follow the hiking trail most of the way until it gets to a part where you are walking between boulders. At that point, they go to the right of the trail, which has a nasty drop off. They have done this so much that some people actually think their path IS the trail, as if the proper trail isn't slippery enough.

I haven't investigated this on foot, but I'd suggest looking at a topo map taking a route roughly:
N37.33838 W115.3339
N37.33518 W115.33957
N37.33544 W115.34512
then drive the ridge to the camp site. This isn't as steep as the foot trail, though it is longer. However, I don't see the longer route being an issue if you have an ATV.

Also on the topic of Tikaboo, I was at REI today. I see they have a minimal tent called the "Bug Hut 1." It is very light (about 1 lb) and free standing. Of course, if the wind is blowing, it will blow right through the screening. Eh, just a thought if you want to reduce the weight of your pack by a few lbs.

You should note that the tent needs to be free standing if you camp on the peak, but if you camp on the false summit before the peak, you might be able to use one of those lighter tents that needs to be staked on the end. I haven't tried this myself. The lower camp site is at
N37.34339 W115.35735. You can see most of the base from there.

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