Re: Raptors Recalled from Land of the Rising Sun.

Message posted by The Major on February 16, 2007 at 14:05:09 PST:

It might be a reach to extrapolate such a conclusion, but I can understand some of the logic behind it. Nothing says "get with the program" like deploying a dozen fighters that can fly with impunity all over your airspace without being "seen." Rewarding progress in negotiations by retracting the leash seems reasonable. However, "negotiating" with North Korea is like nailing Jello to a wall. They say what you want to hear in order to delay threatened action or sanctions. Nothing more. Whatever progress we made this past week will fall apart. Count on it. Perhaps as soon as the Raptor pilots are sipping some cool ones at Langley's O Club.

By the way, to all the members of this forum who endorsed Mr. Coyote - SPOT ON! In a relatively short period of time, this gentleman has provided insight, assistance, connections, and most importantly, inspiration! At a time when I was beginning to lose hope in my project, CU offered his precious spare time to help put it back on track. In the process, I am learning how to be a better writer. In short, the book WILL be self-published because I feel its' worth as a work of fiction has been validated, enough so to justify the substantial start-up costs. It WILL have an awesome cover, again thanks to CU. It WILL have two sequels, and they will be even better because of the assistance and education I received from CU! What else can I say? A hearty "thanks" to CU and to the members of this forum seems infinitely inadequate!

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