Re: Did Anybody Misplace Their Raptors?

Message posted by The Major on February 12, 2007 at 5:48:30 PST:

Ahh... the old "Two Squadron" ploy! Very tricky, these Langley boys! I suppose if I had taken the time to check out Langley's website, I would have known of the deployment AND the fact that they have more than enough F-22s to support 2 deployments at the same time.

The Okinawa story is interesting, considering the squadron returned to Hickam after reaching the International Date Line. Must have been quite a protest! My son (a Marine MP on Okinawa) has had to watch over gate protesters on occasion, but never mentioned the protests being anything really rowdy. I'll give him a call tomorrow...

Glad you are enjoying the novel, my friend! A few more hours of reading you'll be finished! Can't wait for the final "verdict!"

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