Re: Did Anybody Misplace Their Raptors?

Message posted by The Major on February 12, 2007 at 1:31:49 PST:

Pics on the flightline are a no-go, but I watched ground crews tow 5 of the 12 to a new position on the tarmac. You can't see much detail when you are... 50 feet away! I almost wet myself. All the weapons bays were open. Each had serious "coolness" in the port and starboard bays. Never have seen a picture of an F-22 with external stores. Today I see my first Raptor, a dozen of them, AND all were packing a pair of camelbacks! After all, we are in the middle of the Pacific and those "birds of prey" are not fuel-sipping hybrids.

I don't suppose their presence here is a big whoop, security wise, since anybody sitting on the port side of an incoming airliner to HNL, or driving through base, can easily see them. I do know why they are here (again) and where they were supposed to go, but for OPSEC reasons, I'll have to pass on providing the details. Besides, my guess is that there are probably a dozen or more members on the forum who are not in the military that have far better details than I do.

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