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Message posted by Alex (UK) on February 10, 2007 at 15:02:17 PST:

i reckon thats gonna be my last post on this website. This forum has kinda lost its friendliness. Looking through forum posts of old, i can see people such as Mick (who i suppose had a bit of an overactive imagination) who had a genuine interest in area 51 etc, were forced off the forum due to people just ignoring them, and setting out (sometimes it seems just out of spite) just to shoot down everything they had to say. You guys dont even stick to the topic in hand sometimes, prefering to talk about scanners and radios instead of the base itself, and projects etc. Come on guys, this aint radio user magazine, its a forum about area 51 for chrissakes, and i know trips to the place involve radios, but why devote half your time to talking about them? Why the hell dont you just set up a few forums, one for trip reports and related things, and one where people are free to talk about black projects and area 51 without people ignoring them and talking about scanners?! I know you guys are experts on your field, and you must have had a fair few idiots in your time, but come one guys, where has your friendliness gone? is it really neccessary to do things to people like you did to mick? You forum veterans seem to just stick to talking to each other, instead of welcoming all opinions. New members are welcomed politely, but most are pretty much ignored after a few posts, probably because they mention something odd they have seen, or probably because they dont give a damn about radio frequencies. I know this post is probably gonna spark off you lot saying my posts "lacked quality" etc, just like with mick. But ive given my opinion, and no doubt it will be rubbished by you lot, like most other peoples opinions are. You guys need to take the opportunity to change your ways a bit.
Alex (UK)
PS - keep up the good work joerg, you are someone that has my respect.


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